NeoStrata Lotion Plus

NeoStrata Lotion Plus

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A high strength exfoliant cream, suitable for face and body. Formulated to smooth dry, rough skin patches, enhance clarity and improve the appearance of fine lines associated with photodamage. For experienced AHA users.

Why it works 

Meet your new PLUS one! This high strength yet lightweight lotion is your multi-purpose must-have lotion for face and body. Formulated with 15% Glycolic Acid to reduce the visible signs of aging by enhancing skin turnover. Lightweight and easily absorbed, it sinks into skin and imparts a smooth, non-greasy finish. Use it on your face, arms, legs, shoulders--anywhere you could use a little extra glycolic glow!

15% Glycolic Acid: Helps smooth dry, rough skin while enhancing clarity and skin tone. A natural component of sugar cane that normalizes the skin’s exfoliation process refining the appearance of pore size and smoothing the look of fine lines and wrinkles as it retexturizes skin. Glycolic Acid is known to be the workhorse of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family for those looking to really retexture and refine their skin’s surface.

Lotion Plus is our step-up AHA lotion for face and body and is ideal for experienced Glycolic Acid users who are looking to add a high strength AHA to their regimen. If you are new to Glycolic Acid, we recommend Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion as the perfect starter AHA face and body lotion.

Appropriate for dry, normal and oily skin types.

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    Unveil the Power of NeoStrata Lotion Plus: Your Ultimate Skincare Ally

    Embrace the transformative journey of skin renewal with NeoStrata Lotion Plus, a marvel in the realm of dermatologically developed skincare. Founded on the pioneering spirit of NeoStrata, this potent lotion is your answer to a myriad of skin concerns, from the visible signs of aging to uneven skin tone and texture.

    Why NeoStrata Lotion Plus is a Must-Have

    1. Masterfully Formulated with 15% Glycolic Acid

    Dive into the essence of skin rejuvenation with our high-strength, yet lightweight lotion, enriched with 15% Glycolic Acid. Known for its unparalleled ability to smooth dry, rough patches and enhance clarity, Glycolic Acid stands as a cornerstone of effective exfoliation and skin refinement.

    2. A Versatile Solution for Face and Body

    NeoStrata Lotion Plus is not just another addition to your skincare routine; it's a multi-purpose marvel. Suitable for application across face, arms, legs, and shoulders, it offers a holistic approach to achieving that coveted glycolic glow, wherever your skin needs it most.

    3. Ideal for Seasoned Glycolic Acid Users

    Designed as a step-up for those accustomed to Glycolic Acid, Lotion Plus intensifies your skin care regimen, propelling you towards visible, tangible results. New to Glycolic Acid? Begin your journey with our Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion, the perfect introductory step.

    Transformative Results: What to Expect

    Within just four weeks of incorporating Lotion Plus into your routine, alongside a comprehensive AHA/PHA regimen, you'll notice a dramatic shift in your skin's appearance:

    • 93% report enhanced moisture and smoother texture
    • 90% observe brighter, more luminous skin
    • 87% experience improved clarity

    Application Guidelines for Optimal Results

    Achieving the best results with NeoStrata Lotion Plus requires consistency and care. Start by applying once daily for two weeks, progressing to twice daily use as your skin acclimates. Remember, a little goes a long way—gently smooth on until fully absorbed.

    Sun Safety: A Crucial Reminder

    NeoStrata Lotion Plus contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which may increase skin's sensitivity to the sun. Protect your renewed skin with a high SPF sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure during use and for a week afterwards.

    The Dermatologist-Born Brand: NeoStrata's Legacy

    With over four decades of pioneering skin-renewing acids, NeoStrata has revolutionized skincare. From our discovery of the effects of AHAs on skin renewal to empowering individuals across different skin tones, our commitment to innovation, effectiveness, and empowerment remains unwavering.

    Discover NeoStrata Lotion Plus at Skin Solutions

    Embark on your journey to revitalized, glowing skin with NeoStrata Lotion Plus, available exclusively at Skin Solutions. As the first authorized online retailer in South Africa, we're proud to bring you a product that not only promises results but delivers on every front.

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