The Hydrofacial is a medical grade resurfacing treatment that opens and targets large and congested pores. It helps with extracting whiteheads/blackheads and any dirt blocking the pores.

The approach is to gently vacuum out the pores with a suctioning method using a hydradermabrasion device. It suctions out all the impurities while pushing in potent actives that moisturize, brighten, plump and protect the skin. Beyond the standard steps of cleansing and exfoliating, there are targeted add-ons/boosters, which aim to infuse the skin with intensive serums using a mask.

The steps for the Hydrofacial are as follows:

  • Starting off with an LED light therapy mask. This has different lights that target different skin concerns. This is done to stimulate and prepare the skin before the facial.
  • We start the Hydrofacial off by using a suctioning nozzle that helps generate a peeling solution to vacuum across the face, removing all the impurities from under the skin and also targeting large and congested pores.
  • Thereafter an exfoliating nozzle is used. While we are still using a suctioning movement, we exfoliate the skin as well as get rid of all the dead skin.
  • We finish off by applying a rejuvenating mask that is infused with serums. This is good for hydrating and brightening the skin.

The Hydrofacial is not only restricted to the face but can be done on other areas of the body as well as where there may be impurities or blockages E.g. the patients back.

The ingredients in this treatment includes a peeling solution made up of a glycolic and salicylic peel and it is infused with water.

The Hydrofacial targets:

  • Acne prone skin
  • Anti ageing
  • Hyperpigmentation

It cannot be used on:

  • Active rashes
  • Sunburns
  • Rosacea
  • Pregnancy